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Tails System Logo

Right Click your "my computer" and select Properties. Do you have a logo? If so, you may be able to change it. If not, then let me know if it works. I encourage you to make backups of your original logos if you are not satisfied. The location of the file may be different on different systems, but these are the paths I found them. I used to have a batch file to install automatically, but unfortunately, XP doesn't like them much.

Windows 95/98/ME
Copy the oemlogo.bmp file to C:\windows\system

Windows XP
Copy the oemlogo.bmp file to C:\windows\system32

Windows NT / 2000
If you use this OS, your help is wanted.

Click here to see a pic

Tails Startup Logo (Windows 95/98 (/ME?))

Make a backup of your c:\logo.sys Then copy the one from the zip to c:\. The logo.sys file is a 8-bit bmp file. However, do not edit it in any graphics program or you'll ruin the logo animation at startup.

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